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Baker Tilly International is a leading network accounting and consulting firm to independent companies.

Baker Tilly Italy belongs to the global independent members of Baker Tilly International, each of which is a separate and independent legal entity.

Each member is organized according to the laws of the territory in which it is practiced. Each member is committed to achieving the highest level of quality in terms of its market and of seeking consistency in service quality worldwide collaborating with other members of the network. However, in most of the world, accounting and auditing practice is governed by laws and regulations that determine professional standards, qualifications and relationships between audit professionals and local reporting bodies, and is influenced by local business practices and cultural attitudes.

Baker Tilly Italy is incorporated in Italy and is subject to Italian law.

Registered office: Via Carlo Alberto, 32 10123 Turin

VAT number: 12531180011

Baker Tilly is a trademark of Baker Tilly UK Group LLP, used under license.

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