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Baker Tilly Hidra SB is a consulting company that supports businesses on a journey to strategic innovation that is based on sustainability principles, ensuring future-proof business models.

Baker Tilly Hidra SB enables companies to be sustainable by working on strategic planning and creating a competitive and enduring advantage.

  • We define strategies that are not only innovative but resilient, capable of keeping pace with the changes and challenges of tomorrow. 
  • We involve and empower people inclusively by adopting digital logics, where these logics serve as a tool to amplify human potential. 
  • We optimize business processes through intelligent digital solutions aimed at maximizing efficiency and promoting sustainable work practices. 
  • We work to create value beyond individual interests that expands to global well-being, preserving and enhancing the planet.

Our services

  • Governance
  • Circular economy
  • Improvement of social impact
  • Economic financial consulting
  • Rating and Assessment
  • ESG strategic plan
  • Sustainability balance sheet
  • Operations - Lean production
  • Training
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