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Increasing competitive pressures caused by technological revolutions, globalization, supply chain changes, and external factors, among others, have reinforced the importance of taking the right actions at the right time to ensure a company's success. At some point, all companies will need sound Corporate Finance advice to optimize and consolidate their strategic positioning, accelerate and enhance their company's potential, and make the best decisions to achieve their growth objectives.

For entrepreneurs who want to see their businesses thrive, it is critical to work with a qualified corporate advisor who has in-depth knowledge, broad expertise and the skills to help them achieve their goals. At Baker Tilly, we have extensive experience in international consulting, combined with a flair for the local issues faced by Italian SMEs. We have earned a reputation for advising entrepreneurs and managers on a wide range of corporate finance services.

As part of Baker Tilly International, we can offer our services across borders, in partnership with offices in 145 countries around the world. For more information about the global network, please visit www.bakertilly.global.


Our Corporate Finance team can help your business in the following areas:

  • Sell-side
  • Buy-side
  • Fundraising
  • Debt and Equity Restructuring
  • Valuation
  • Financial Modeling
  • Strategic Advisory and Business Planning


We have a solid track record of advising on major transactions and assisting our clients in the purchase and sale of businesses of all sizes in a variety of industries and geographies.

As part of Baker Tilly International, one of the 10 largest advisory firms in the world, we are able to offer our services across borders, in partnership with offices in more than 145 countries worldwide.

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Federico Forchielli

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