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Baker Tilly Oliva & Associates has been operating autonomously since 1990 as a surveying and loss adjusting firm, although our managing director, Mr Nicola Oliva, has had a healthy business relationship with the main English loss adjusting and surveying companies operating in Italy since 1984 (Graham Miller, Brokelhurst).
In over more than 30 years of proved experience, we have developed close relationships with insurers and brokers, enabling us to resolve the sensitive issues which inevitably arise in claims and respond effectively to changing markets and legal frameworks.

We comply with and exceed the service standards of major european Insurers and their requirements for claims handling in Italy, which are by them directly verifyed, providing adjusting and consulting services of the highest quality and the best value.

We are dedicated to the needs of insurers and brokers.
We place strong emphasis on proficiency, quality, reliability and discretion.
We strive for expertise and excellence.


Baker Tilly Oliva & Associates is a specialist firm providing expert loss adjusting, surveying, and consulting services to the Insurance market. Thanks to our local and international network, we can offer customer-tailored solutions to help insurers' business transform every challenge into an opportunity wherever they are. Our company also handles claims as TPA (Third Party Administrator) for some of Lloyd's Syndicates and Companies. We deal with the entire claim management process, from the opening of the loss to the actual final payment. We also provide technical expertises and advisory services for Insurance and other private companies. Upon request, we can provide our clients – not only Insurance related companies – with advisory services, such as analysis and revision of binders, losses, policy wording, audits of correspondent and supplier companies and technical expertise, such as security audits and review of premises, security training (sworn guards, jewellers’ travellers) or party-appointed expert in Court-appointed expertise.

Areas of Expertise:

Special All Risk Coverages:

  • Cash In Transit,
  • Jewellers’ Block,
  • Fine Art,
  • Private Collections, Collectors
  • Banks BBB (Bankers Blanket Bond),
  • Furs

Property All Risk:

  • Private (House owner/ House holder), Commercial, Industrial
  • Fire, Theft, Property Liability, Family General Liability
  • Business Interruption (Loss of Profit, Loss of Margin, A.L.O.P.),

Civil Liability:

  • P.O. (public administration),
  • E&O
  • D&O
  • Professional Liability
  • Contractual Liability
  • Medical Malpractice.

Cargo Carriers & Shipments

Advisory services:

  • Party-appointed expert in Court-appointed expertises
  • Analysis & revision of Binders, Losses, Policy wording
  • Security audits and review of premises, procedures
  • Security training, refresher courses (sworn guards, jewellers' travellers)
Photo of Nicola Oliva
Nicola Oliva
Managing Partner
Photo of Carlo Oliva
Carlo Oliva
Photo of Monica Giarrizzo
Monica Giarrizzo
Senior Claim Specialist
Photo of Francesca Vianello
Francesca Vianello
Senior Associate
Photo of Roberto Cavallero
Roberto Cavallero
Senior Claim Specialist
Photo of Federica Foti
Federica Foti
Senior Associate
Photo of Raffaele Stolder
Raffaele Stolder
Senior Associate
Photo of Matilde Scala
Matilde Scala
Office assistant
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