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Projects in the infrastructure and utilities sectors require strong integration of diverse expertise. Bakertilly professionals are able to provide numerous necessary technical skills in economic-financial, legal, accounting, and tax matters and can coordinate all these competencies indispensably to lead these processes to the best outcome.

Over the years, Bakertilly professionals have had the opportunity to carry out their activities both for private and public entities, through the provision of a dedicated team.

PPP in Infrastructure

Building infrastructure through public-private partnership (PPP) operations is now a well-established reality in our legal and financial system. This term refers to a form of cooperation between public and private authorities, with the aim of financing, building, and managing infrastructure or providing services of public interest. PPP can be implemented through the signing of specific contracts (Concessions, Project Finance, Energy Performance Contracts, etc.) or through the creation of a new entity. If well managed, PPP can be an effective tool to bridge the infrastructural gap that separates Italy from other countries, even in a situation of public finance crisis.

Bakertilly professionals have participated as advisors in the financial structuring of numerous infrastructural projects, especially in the healthcare, transportation, public services, and urban redevelopment sectors.


Bakertilly professionals have followed some of the most important reorganization processes that have taken place in Italy in the integrated water service market, in the management of the integrated waste cycle and circular economy, in local public transport, as well as in energy distribution, and have had the opportunity to provide assistance to important national and European players.

In the utilities sector, Bakertilly professionals can boast particularly integrated expertise, having deepened, over more than twenty years of experience, economic and financial, legal, accounting and tax, regulatory, and managerial aspects.


Our main activities in these sectors consist of developing new projects or revising existing ones, professionally assisting companies and/or public administrations:

  • in the legal, economic, and financial analysis of projects;
  • in financial planning and the construction of Industrial Plans;
  • in the preparation of PPP Proposals in accordance with articles 193 and following of Legislative Decree 36/2023, with particular reference to the preparation of the PEF and the Convention scheme;
  • in the preparation and/or participation in public procurement procedures for the construction of infrastructure or the management of public services through PPP;
  • in the use of the methodology called PSC for estimating the Value for Money in PPP projects;
  • in financial structuring on a project basis;
  • in carrying out legal, tax, and financial due diligence activities aimed at the financial structuring of projects and/or in M&A operations.
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