Job Opportunities

Build your future with us

If you wish to collaborate with us / become part of our staff, send your curriculum to Baker Tilly Revisa S.p.a. offers a career path aimed at achieving a high level of professionalism in the services offered.

The various professional figures allow the acquisition of more and more advanced "expertise", corresponding to increasing responsibilities, guaranteeing valid prospects of professional achievement.

The career path includes the following professional figures:


The assistant operates under the direct supervision of the auditor or expert auditor and is responsible for assisting him in all audit procedures deemed necessary for the performance of the assignment. In particular, it carries out checks aimed at verifying the evidential documentation of management events, as well as their correct representation in the financial statements according to the relevant legislation.

Expert Auditor

The expert auditor is the operational manager of the audit engagement and responds directly to the manager of the job. Within the scope of his responsibilities are those relating to the coordination of the functions of his collaborators and the active participation in the identification of problems, as well as their solution.


The manager reports directly to the working partner. He is responsible for planning and supervising the tasks, guaranteeing their execution according to internal quality standards. He is responsible for training his own collaborators and managing relationships with customers.


The member is the final manager of the audit engagement. It monitors and supervises the work of the executive by carrying out work planning and resolving the problems arising during the assignment.

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